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Monday, March 24, 2003

Here are some less popular names for Operation Iraqi Freedom:

-- Operation Oil Go Get
-- Operation Jesus vs. Allah: The Beast in the Middle East
-- Operation Baby Killer
-- Operation Don't Mess With Texas!
-- Operation My Deity Can Beat Up Your Deity
-- Operation Gulf War II: The Search for Curly's Gold
-- Operation We Have A Guy in Our Army Named Optimus Prime
-- Operation Dang, We Can't Find Osama... Let's Go Get Hussein
-- Operation Iraq Go Boom Now
-- Operation You Done Tried to Kill My Pa !
-- Operation USA! USA! USA!
-- Operation Hey Guys, Please Don't Drop Bombs on Any Weddings This Time, OK? That Looked Really Bad When You Did That
-- Operation Let's Piss Off the Pope
-- Operation 900 Billion Dollar Military Budget vs. 48 Bucks and Seven Pounds of Falafel
-- Operation We Have a Missile That Can Knock the Mustache Right Off Your Face
-- Operation We Have No Real Proof That You're Linked to Al Qaeda, Some Very Limited Evidence That You Have Weapons of Mass Destruction and No Proof That You Had Anything to Do With 9/11, So We Are Going to Call This Operation Iraqi Freedom
-- Operation Oh Man This is Gonna Be Sweet
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