Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just when I start complaining about nothing interesting happening to blog about, I happen to see this guy last night.

people in my neighborhood

I was walking to a party, which was one floor up from my apartment and saw Sleepy Time Bear over there. I giggled, then walked into the party. I asked if anyone else had seen the dead guy in the hallway, but no one had. So someone tried to wake him up and asked if he was OK, and he apparently mumbled that he was. So we left him there. But then someone else went out there and was able to figure out which apartment was his by using some CSI investigation type shit (his keys were in his door).

So they were able to get him in safely. I am guessing he had a wicked headache this morning, not only from the drinking, but from the fall it seems he took.

My building tends to have a lot of former frat boys who like to yell "Woo!" a lot. Apparently, he was all wooed out. This was 10:30, by the way, and there wasn't a game in town or anything. Good times, bro. Good times.
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